Healing Quotes Littles 955

“Cats are furry lumps of happiness.”

~ gab, @velvetghOst

Healing Quotes Littles 954

“Always be ready to speak your mind, and a base man will avoid you.”

~ William Blake

Healing Quotes Littles 953

“Some days you just want to jump in the puddles.”

~ JustMe, @justmeundead

Healing Quotes Littles 952

“Sunshine is my favourite thing to wear against my skin.”

~ Lynseyjo1, @Lynsejo1

Healing Quotes Littles 951

“Self care itself, is a form of activism.”

~ End Rape on Campus, @endrapeoncampus

Healing Quotes Littles 950

“*High fives your flaws.”

~ InSisters We Trust, @sisterstrust

Healing Quotes Littles 949

“Don’t forget to sweet talk to yourself.”

~ The Circus, @LovelyFilters