Healing Quotes Littles 135

“Good friends help you to find important things when you have lost them… your smile, your hope, and your courage.”

~ Zoe Zantamata

Light Up Christmas Tree Costume Tutorial

A Different Kind of Advent Calendar

The Littles  have always wanted an advent calendar. One year I remember even buying one of those store-bought cardboard ones with little pieces of chocolate as the treat. At times they have really wanted one of those big ones from the stores with all the drawers that you can put little treats in. I have wanted to get one for them as well. But they tend to cost too much money and I’m usually broke this time of year.

I’ve seen lots of advent calendar craft ideas and they are great. I was even thinking of doing that this year. But I had been planning on filling them with chocolate treats and now I should not eat that. I am still considering doing one of the calendars with paper bags, if I can find a few treats at the dollar tree store tomorrow for the bags. I’ll write about that if I get it up and running. I have to talk them into not looking when I buy and make up the bags, so that they get some surprises.

Since there will be no chocolate, I have been feeling very very guilty and I’ve tried to make another bargain with everyone, especially with The Littles. I told them they could pick activities we could do each day instead.

We’ve been watching Christmas specials and movies since before Thanksgiving. So today and yesterday we watched lots of Disney animated movies. We went on long bike rides, so nice, and to the library the last three days, because the weather is still above freezing. And we’ve read Christmas books and listened to Christmas music. I have my artificial Christmas bush up and lit. I will take a photo of it and try to have it posted tomorrow. Then we are going to start decorating it a bit. 🙂

Crafts for Littles 19

Christmas Crafts:

Wired Star

Make a Santa House

Pine Cone Xmas Tree

Driftwood Xmas Tree

Cat Ornament

Wreath Ornament

Mosaic Ornament

Lollipop Ornament

Pie Plate Ornament

Yarn Wreath Ornament

Paper Angels Ornament

Felt Reindeer Ornament

Hot Chocolate Ornament

Rolled Paper Tree Ornament

Winter Wonderland Ornament

Reindeer Thumbprint Ornament

Beaded Popsicle Sticks Ornament

Wax-Dipped Glitter Pine Cone Ornament

Retro Tissue Tree

Christmas Pebbles

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Crafts 6

Elf Stockings

Epsom Salt Candles

Scrap Ribbon Lights

Christmas Mason Jars

Mason Jar Snow Candles

Mason Jar Christmas Candles

Snowflake Mason Jar Candles

Waterless Snow Globes

Textured Bottle Display

Cotton Ball Trees

Angel Ornament

Mitten Ornament

Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Scrabble Word Ornaments

Framed Christmas Ornament

Wax Pine Cones

Faux Mercury Glass Trees

Faux Mercury Glass Ornaments

Make a Christmas Village

Noel Sign

Advent Tree

Personalized Handprint Trees

Holiday Terrarium

Solstice Lantern

Star Trek Ornaments

Tissue Paper Trees

Tinsel Garland Wreath

A Christmas Wreath

Marbelized Glass Ornaments

Tropical Angel Ornament

Xmas Ball Bouquet

Christmas Tree Canvas

Baby Jar Advent Calendar

Framed Advent Calender

Sweater Tree

Poster Board Xmas Trees

Beaded Mini Xmas Tree

Collapsable Wire Xmas Tree

Minimalist Xmas Tree

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