Libraries and Settling In

On Monday I went by myself to the library and got my new library card, an essential of life. I mapquested it. Ha, it was only about six blocks away, but I was home alone and hadn’t been there yet. So I got on my bike and rode over. It went okay.

The librarian asked me where I worked, that had never happened to me before. They had a spot on the application for that. That was weird. I got my new card and could show it to my friend once she got home. Library cards have always been so important to me.

When I was in high school I lived on the same block as the neighborhood library in Minneapolis. It was so important to me, but just an accident that we lived there. I loved it.

I miss the downtown Minneapolis Library. I knew that I would. A few days before moving I was there. Sitting in the deep leather chair, drinking coffee, at the Dunn Bros. Coffee Shop in the library building. When I first started going there I used to cry, because I was just so happy there; lounging, drinking, reading, loafing, cloud watching. The last time I cried, but not for the same reason. I knew that I was going to miss it so. And I do.