Bliss List #10

Christmas Carols. I listen to them all year round. I sing them all the time. I was at the computer humming Oh Christmas Tree and realized oh yeah that is one for the Bliss List. I love them. I can’t remember a time in my life when they did not make me happy.

When I’m jonesing for some I listen to one of my many cds. I guess now I will be at youtube a lot since all my stuff is in storage still and the library only had two cds for me to take home: Linda Rondstadt and Yolanda Adams. I need much more than that.

So yeah, they are bliss, to me.

Bliss List #5

Recently Life is Change commented on my post Fun and Games that she loved to go to coffeeshops to write, because she loves the smell of coffee brewing. Me too.

 That got me thinking about this. There are only a few smells that I would consider that I love so much that I would call them Bliss. I thought I should add them to my Bliss List.

Bliss List Smells

Fresh Coffee Brewing

Popcorn Popping

Vanilla, in lotion, in candles, in perfume, and when baking.

Freshly cut grass.

Gingerbread, fresh baked smell. I don’t much like the taste, but the smell is wonderful.

Chocolate Cake. The taste is pretty good too.

Cherries, I love cherries. I only rarely buy myself cherries, they just seem too expensive. Sometimes I just go by them in the store, just to smell. Guess I should try to buy them more often.

Bliss List #4

The Stars at Night.

I wanted to find some great night sky photos, but I didn’t find what I was looking for. I looked over the last week and nothing was just right. Most of the ones that really struck me were obviously images from telescopes. I was looking for a real view of the night sky that anyone could see out away from the cities.

Here is one:

I remember being very little and the sense of awe that would come over me when going from the car in the dark to the house, coming home late with my family. I’m not sure if I had ever seen anything so beautiful.

Going to the planetarium replaced the experience since living in the city. It isn’t the same. But it is still very beautiful to see the night sky in the dark.

Telescope photos that really evoke awe now include the earth from space, our solar system’s planets, galaxies, and star views from space.

I enjoy going to NASA’s photos of the day to find some bliss.