I Still Have My Christmas Tree Up

I still have my Christmas tree up and plan on keeping it up for some time. It is a small one, about four and a half feet. I have it standing on an end table. It has white lights and it makes me feel happy to see it lit up. I have it lit up right now. I enjoy that a lot. I don’t have it decorated much, but keep telling myself that I will finish it up.

Unfortunately I have been sick a lot of the time and haven’t had the energy to really fill it up. When I am sick I usually make a big mess and have trouble keeping up with regular weekly cleaning type tasks. But I am glad to say that I am keeping up with most of my life and apartment tasks and am continuing to get better and work at staying as happy as possible.

I love Christmas. I love Christmas trees. I am celebrating them year round. Not sure if I will keep the treat up for much longer, but probably through the spring. I just wanted to say, because it has been so important to me, in my life, my process, and in my healing, to do the things that bring me happiness, joy, and love, to enjoy and do the things that I love and want to. And that I wanted to remind you all to do some of that as well, and if you don’t know what you love yet, what brings you bliss, to start exploring that. Good and healing thoughts to you all.

Bliss List 17


Since I was very little, I loved to sing. I used to make up very small songs and sing them. I sang a lot.

A day without a song, even, when I have been unable to sing seemed to be a wasted day.

I can’t say that I have a great voice. I have been told that it is a nice voice. I don’t know. Mostly that was told to me by people who loved me or by family, so they might have been just being nice. I doubt myself. I doubt them.

I don’t like my voice when I talk and I hear it being played back once recorded. I don’t know if I have a nice singing voice or not. I don’t listen to it. I don’t know if I am any good.

I wish I had as much bliss over my voice as I do about singing. I am working on that.

Bliss List 16


I suppose if you read my previous bliss list posts, you would have guessed this one. Yeah music, it means so much to me. I love music. To me it is quite simply… bliss.

Some of my favorite types of music include classical music, big band, jazz, blues, 1960s rhythm & blues, rock, World music, Celtic music, drumming, and Chant.

Bliss List #15

Bruce Springsteen

His Website

This Land is Your Land

My Love Will Not Let You Down

Okay, I guess this comes as no surprise. Since creating and posting my first bliss list item last June I have often talked myself out of putting Bruce Springsteen on my bliss list. There have been a couple of other people as well, but those were more recent loves.

My all-time favorite albums are Born to Run and Darkness on the Edge of Town.

Born to Run


Thunder Road

She’s the One

Darkness on the Edge of Town

Streets of Fire


Prove it All Night

I have loved Bruce Springsteen for over thirty years, I love him with a love that just won’t die, and he is my bliss. My love will not let you down.

Bliss List #11

The Violin.

I have no words to say how much joy a violin brings me. I have no words, and yet so many emotions. Bliss.

Air (David Garrett)

Chelsea Girl (David Garrett)

Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (Celtic Woman, with Mairead Nesbitt on the violin)

Strings on Fire (Mairead Nesbitt and Cora Smyth in Lord of the Dance)

Bliss List #10

Christmas Carols. I listen to them all year round. I sing them all the time. I was at the computer humming Oh Christmas Tree and realized oh yeah that is one for the Bliss List. I love them. I can’t remember a time in my life when they did not make me happy.

When I’m jonesing for some I listen to one of my many cds. I guess now I will be at youtube a lot since all my stuff is in storage still and the library only had two cds for me to take home: Linda Rondstadt and Yolanda Adams. I need much more than that.

So yeah, they are bliss, to me.