Bliss List Teens 4


I wanted to say what an honor it is for me that The Teens chose to disclose this. My beautiful tough Teens. They love Christmastime because they say that they see that people are much nicer to one another this time of year.

Since celebrations are so important to all of us, one of our points of connectedness, that makes sense to me that they like this time of year and find bliss in it. The rest of us do as well.

Bliss List Teens 2


It’s on The Teen’s list of things they want to do, read comics.

We used to buy the Star Trek comics. Occasionally I would buy something else.

We would get some others from the library. We found some kid’s comics at one library. That was great. We’ve bought some used and that is always nice to find a great deal. 

One that I got from the library recently was great, Homecoming by Patricia Briggs, based on the Mercy Thompson book series. The art was great in it. I found some magna on Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunters books. We haven’t read them yet.

Bliss List Teens 1

Wearing Black.

The Teens love to wear black. For a time it was pretty much all we wore, that and navy blue. Now we have more pastel colored clothing. But we still wear black a lot. It is what I am wearing right now. 🙂