Connectedness to Books

All over where I live there are books. I am connected to them. These are books that I have a special connection to, I chose them and they chose me.

There are books everywhere. There is a library about a mile away from where I live. There are many books sitting in one place and that makes for a very powerful energy convergence. All week there are books coming and going from there. There are books sitting and moving all over the world and I am connected to them too.

Words are powerful, but it is more than just my connection to words that make books powerful and me connected to them. It is what you do with the words that matter. It is that in those books are words organized into groupings that state facts, concepts, ideas, and more. They show drawing and paintings and photos. There are so many books that bring healing. I love that. I love books. I am connected to all of those things. I am connected to books.

Paths in Healing Part 2

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