Sharing During My Birthday Month

For my birthday month I intended on sharing more about myself and more about things that I love. I wanted to include some surprises and some gifts, sometimes they were in the same posts. But that is not over with. I will be working on these things definitely through the rest of my birthday month. And don’t really expect that to stop there.

I tried to do that with my tumblr color blogs and in sharing about how colors have impacted my life and how that I love them and ways that they have impacted my life.

I think that my tumblr color blogs really represent me, a piece of my own aesthetic sensibility and our artistic/creative selfhood and creative expressions. I’m not very comfortable, at all, talking about my creative and artistic endeavors.

I have felt completely at ease sharing my poetry here. I guess I had put that in another category in my mind. I guess I put poetry under the healing process category and I feel comfortable sharing those creative expressions in poetry because of that. But really all of my creative and artistic work is a part of my healing process, because everything that I do is a part of my healing process and has been for a really, really long time. I just hadn’t noticed that.

So expect to see more of my efforts to share about my creative process and my healing process through creative and artistic work into the future.

I am an artist. I know that now. It took me a long time to get to there. I totally deserve the title. I had all these rigid rules for myself, while giving everyone else the title, even if they didn’t make one single piece of artistic expression that they could point to. If no one else knows it, I know it now. If no one else is safe to share with, I share with myself now. I am an artist.