Hashimoto Says What?

He says hi, I’m yours, good luck to you.

So that was great.

Hashimoto’s Disease, otherwise known as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an auto-immune disease based in the thyroid.

So that’s my most recent diagnosis. The one that I think is the most accurate, the one that gets to the addressing all the issues and false diagnoses that I have gone through. The diagnosis that I have been chasing for at least the last twenty years.  Finally I got that about a month ago.

Basically it explains my fatigue, or as I usually call it, my exhaustion and everything else that a diagnosis of fibromyalgia could not help or in any way encapsulate.

Also about a month ago I got a doubling of my synthetic thyroid medication, after the diagnosis, and although it still is not high enough yet, I finally, finally!!! I say, reached enough of a dosage that I can sleep deeply and sort of restfully. So I’ve been sleeping an awful lot in the last month, and each time I think, this is great, but sometimes I also think there is life passing me by some more.

Each day I think about posting here, but kept putting it off, just so exhausted. I guess the diagnosis and the resulting validation of it all, it has been so wonderful and yet so eye opening to how truly, really, and deeply exhausted and fatigued I am and how hard it has been to drag myself around with no energy and exhaustion I have been carrying around with me, lo these many years.

It hasn’t been depressing or disheartening, just a more deeper awareness of how much I am dealing with. And how important it is to just chillax and rest so that I can help myself to heal and to meet my needs.  Another issue is that this auto-immune disease can include depression and anxiety, so I am hopeful that the proper med level and the proper monitoring of what I am dealing with will lead to less depression and less anxiety. This makes me feel better all by itself, just thinking about it. Though of course, realistically, I have a long and plentiful list of reasons for depression and anxiety.

My doc will be looking at adjusting the med again in another month, after another blood test, so that is good too. I am so looking forward to that. I only wish that she would have given me 100  or 125 mg daily to start, as that is where I know I need to be.

I was also diagnosed with b12 deficiency and started getting b12 shots, which makes me shudder during and right after, but also makes me feel better within a couple of minutes. Wow! That is great.

I also need to have an ultrasound on my thyroid, in my neck area in the next month. That is important to monitoring and diagnosing other advanced health issues with my thyroid.

I also got some of my supplements and some essential oils today, which is so great, and I know they all help me so much. I love getting the extra help in healing.

Good and healing thoughts to yous. I missed you all.


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