A Small Update

My health continues to improve. Except for an issue with my ears, which is perfectly normal, unfortunately, when I have had a couple of health issues in a row. My ears are in more pain and when I stand up I am dizzy and my balance is way off. I’m not having huge periods of vertigo with this, which is so freaking wonderful. I am treating that and if it gets worse, rather than better, I will get in to see my doctor when it starts getting worse. I will continue to treat as I have in the past, with home treatments that have helped in the past.

My yearly subscription to amazon prime is expiring in a couple of weeks and for the last month or so I have been trying to see some of my stuff on my watchlist for the last two years. I decided not to renew this year. I’m not happy with amazon as a company nor the available options on their site of shows for viewing with the membership. There really isn’t much that I want to see there, and then only low priority, cause there is so much elsewhere that I want to see more.

I decided to cancel and then maybe a few times a year to do a monthly membership there and spend the extra money on a PBS membership. I haven’t been a member in a number of years there and this is my effort to spend my money in places I really endorse.

One of the shows that I have managed to watch there recently is Deadwood. I managed to watch all three seasons in about the space of a week. So I have been swearing a lot more than normal. Lol. Sometimes I am such a sponge

First, I love Deadwood, and second, the writing, directing, and acting on that show were all fantastic. If you haven’t seen Deadwood, I highly recommend it. But with one proviso, it is very triggering and many of the story lines are very abusive.

I can’t remember if I mentioned this lately, but I am also re-watching the original show of Law and Order and am on season 11 of 20 seasons. My lovely local library system has them for checkout for free. 🙂 I love my local library system. It is the best!  I love that show and thanks to late night repeats on television over a period of years and years, and insomnia, I have seen it over and over again. This show is one of my all-time favorites. I still think that my favorite seasons are 1-3. I’m hoping to finish with the library use of this series before winter sets in hard. I think that I should manage that okay. Being sick has meant that I watch lots more stuff to occupy myself since I can’t be out and about as much. I am having a great time with it all and working hard on self-care and self-love to keep me occupied.


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