The Zombie Nightmares

A few nights ago I was trying to sleep, but was not being very successful. I kept waking up to nightmares about zombies, over and over, one dream after another, all night long.

I have had nightmares before that I thought were either precipitated by watching scary movies or being abused. They were full-blown movies happening in my mind. They were awful. They are often things that I still recall.

Now I don’t ever remember having a zombie nightmare before. Though I’ve seen plenty of zombie movies and have watched the show The Walking Dead three times through all six seasons, with nary a zombie nightmare. And so happy that watching the first season of Westworld has not resulted in nightmares either.

But something new happened recently. I watched the first episode of Z Nation, (Z for Zombie). It is so bad, in a number of huge ways. Oh my god. When one of the zombies gets shot in the head, there is a huge spurt of blood, etc, worse than in the Walking Dead, I think. But here is the worst thing, newly turned zombies can run the ten meter dash. I think that was the thing that really got me upset. One moment they look like dead bodies on the shore  of a body of water, and the next they are jumping up and chasing you.

I don’t really want to see how much worse the show can get. But I almost want to see it so that I can say that I did, survivor coping skills much? Not sure what I will ultimately decide to do, ’cause I got plenty of other stuff to watch. And then of course there is the next season of Walking Dead to look forward to.


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