The Lucky Day

Well Tuesday wasn’t a lucky day for me. But I was willing to believe that it could be possible. Well actually, perhaps it did have a huge amount of luckiness and joy stuffed into a phone conversation with two of my great-nieces who bring so much into my life.

But my lucky day really turned out to be Wednesday instead. It was wonderful and lucky because I got to see some family members who always make me happy and make my life feel special. We had already had that celebration planned before the $44.44 purchase, but it was great that something wonderful happened soon after the odd purchase total.

For Christmas I got a present of going to see a movie with my nephew, his wife, and their three daughters. They asked me several times if I wanted to go in January or in the winter, but I wanted to put it off for the summer and much nicer weather.

In June I wanted to start making plans, but they were going to be out of town for most of that month, and then I saw that Despicable Me 3 was being released at the end of that month. So we had picked out the movie and finally we set the date and I found the least priced matinee for us.

I could walk with my cane into the theater. It was far, but wasn’t too far to the seating area for me to get to and I didn’t have a lot of pain sitting in the seat, which was comfortable and not too high, nor  extra pain and more difficulty walking afterwards, which is always an issue when going out and about in public. I’m going to want to go again to this theater, as seats and seating and walking are always issues when contemplating going to a theater, actually it is an issue when going anywhere, just a fact of life while living with a back disability and trying to get out and active as much as I can.

The day was a lovely summer day. Not too hot. Not too humid. Not storming. Not overcast. We all had a great time and the movie was enjoyable and funny. 🙂 I still think DM1 is my favorite of the three movies, though others stated that DM2 and DM3 were their favorites.

So what day this week was your lucky day? If you didn’t have one, yet, I hope you have one very, very soon. Good and healing thoughts and love to you all.


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