Well That Was a Weight Off My Shoulders

I went out today, after therapy, and got a haircut. I was not planning on it. I was planning on doing a little shopping. But I got to the store, after a bike and bus ride, and found them closing the store. One staff person said she smelled burning and was calling the fire department.

So I decided to do something else, and looking around the area I saw a hair salon and went and got a haircut. It did not go very well, but it was better than the last time that I had a haircut, more than two years ago. My hair had gotten as long as it has ever been, down to the bottom of my shoulder blades. But it had thinned out a lot and I wanted to have it cut shorter again, so that I can grow in some more of my hair. Since I lose a lot more hair when it is longer.

What went wrong was the stylist did not  speak English well and did not know how to explain to me what she wanted me to do, at many moments during that process. And instead of finding the right words, she often tried to move my body around, but I did not let her. This is after my explaining that I had a pinched nerve in my neck and could not move it around like she might ordinarily want a client to do and after she saw me using a cane and walking with some difficulty. So she could not communicate to me and she chose to do things that I had expressly told her not to do.

I also had to tell her over and over how I wanted my haircut and tell her over and over again in all the ways that she was doing it wrong, mostly with gestures and using my hands over my hair, showing her where to cut and how it was supposed to look afterwards. And she still did not get it exactly as I requested. She even cut the hair on the left side of my face at a different length than the right side, a good half inch or more. She had to be told that three times before she acted like what I was saying was really the truth. Even after repeatedly telling her the back was not all the same length, she did not get that right, I am going to have to ask my sister to try to even it out better.

She kept insulting and being mean about my hair. It is so thick. There is so much. It is so thick that when I cut it, it moves. (I think this is perfectly normal, at least no other person has ever said that to me, like it was abnormal.) Like saying it once would have been enough for me to know her opinion. Repeated complaints are not what I want to experience as my hair is being cut. That is her job to figure out. It should be considered a normal part of her job.

She also charged me four dollars more for my haircut just because she first cut off my pony tail. She did not inform me of the extra charge in advance and did not even explain it after she rang up the cash register and told me the total charge.

Even after the bad experience with her I was still planning on giving her a $5 tip, which is what I normally do, even for a $14 haircut, even with a $18 haircut. But she charged me more without telling me in advance  of starting the haircut, and so she got a $0 tip. I think she got the tip that she deserved. She looked really mad, that made me feel good. It really made me smile after I left the salon.

5 thoughts on “Well That Was a Weight Off My Shoulders

    • Ha! I’ve paid lots of peeps for haircuts and unfortunately so few of them were competent at their jobs. So I went from salons to more inexpensive shops, because why should I pay more for a bad cut. But this one was in a class by herself, or more accurately this one was classless. So glad that I kept making her do it over and over, at least I got her to cut my hair closer to what I wanted, though not even in the back and not right in the front or sides either. Reason that I don’t go in for a haircut very often.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.


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