The Ice Cream Quotient

For my birthday month I made it a goal to have ice cream once in May. Bizarrely I didn’t achieve my goal.

I did plan on it. Really I did. It didn’t work out.

I had even earlier planned on getting ice cream on my birthday. But I didn’t buy it in advance and have it at my home. I went out to Chinese buffet with my older brother who is a pain in my ass and by the time I got home, I was way too exhausted to go out on my bike and go buy some. Instead I went to bed. Yes he is that exhausting.

I was intending to go a few days before the end of the month. The days seemed to fly by. Well what with coping with the maniac who lived in the apartment beneath me, I was just too distracted and tired out to do much except planning on doing it.

Finally the day arrived when I was at a Dairy Queen and ordering an ice cream treat. Then I realized it was June 1st. Oh well. I’m not sure if missing having ice cream for my birthday month is causing a reaction, but I have already had ice cream this month two times; two times in four days. I’m not sure if my body can handle having ice cream every other day this month. But a few more times will be nice.


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