Two Hot Days

Today was the start of two hot days in a row. Not really that bad, but for me, it is. The humidity was going up and my allergies started creating havoc after I woke up today. My apartment never cools down by itself, it’s just an awful building, so my apartment was 80 degrees at it’s coolest today.

It got really hot and I was trying to decide whether or not I was willing to ride the hot streets of downtown to get out and do something late this afternoon. Then the power went out. I found out that there was a power outage and the estimated time was a few hours. Coincidentally it happened at the hottest time of the day, so I couldn’t even have the fan on.

I was still going to go to an air conditioned store to have coffee and to shop for some groceries, but then the thought of not being able to get back into the building made me delay. The entrance doors are all key fobs, which do not work when the power is out. So I would be locked out of the building unless they had restored power or I could find someone to let me in. So I stayed home.

I had been waiting before putting in my air conditioner into the hole in the wall. I didn’t want to do it before the tenant below me moved out, as it tended to just draw in the cigarette and marijuana smoke and since she was doing both of them all day and all night, I figured why bother. I wouldn’t be able to have it on and would have even more noise coming in through the ac than if I kept the opening covered up until she moved out.

The electricity came back on and I was so hot that I immediately pulled my air conditioner out of the closet and fixed it into the wall’s ac sleeve and turned it on. It’s cool when I have it on, but when I turn it off it still feels hot in here, like usual, it takes some time for a real cooling to happen. Looking forward to that. Good times.

So how was your day?

4 thoughts on “Two Hot Days

    • Hi David,

      Yes it was a yikes. Hot and humid and this building are not good mixes. I hate living in a building without a front door key. I never feel safe here or when out. Gladly the power was only out for 45 minutes. That sometimes happens in the summer, especially on really hot days, about once a year. It does not inspire confidence.

      I am trying to adjust to the humid and hot combination. It will take me some time. It was less humid today and that was great.

      Good and healing thoughts to yous.


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