Great News

She has moved out. That is great news. I got home this afternoon after the registered nurse medication appointment at the mental health center  to a lot of noise in the apartment beneath me.

Last night the tenant below me was making a lot of horrible noise. I didn’t go to bed until two a.m. and that was unfortunate because I knew that I had to get up by nine to get to my appointment with time to spare. She was hitting a lot of things and, I think, moving things around and perhaps moving some things out, but I could not be sure. For sure she had several kids over running around and screaming and a loud man and as usual she talked at the top of her voice and went on talking on and on. Yeah I went to bed, but the noise was still going on when I got up at nine am and the noise woke me up many times after getting to sleep. I was thinking positively that she was indeed moving out.

There was noise, banging, and loud talking late this afternoon when I arrived home. So I called the manager office to make sure that she had moved out. Happily I was told that she did move out and that there were staff in the apartment cleaning, etc. and that someone new is already moving in tomorrow. I was told that the new tenant is a trucker and that he might be gone for days at a time. I hope that he continues doing that kind of work and that it keeps him busy. Peace and quiet here in my apartment, that sure would be nice.

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