The Month, So Far

At the start of my birthday month I made a goal of writing each day on something new here on the blog that I have not written about before. I thought that it would be very hard, because I have written about a lot of topics in my eight plus years of blogging here. It has been hard, most days, to come up with something that I haven’t written about before.

I knew from past years that I would be very tired out the day before my birthday and the day of my birthday, days that I spent with some family members. I didn’t write posts and schedule them in advance, so I ended up with no posts for those days. Two days I ago I just forgot, I thought I did, but turns out I didn’t post anything new. I think 28 out of 31 days is not such a bad result for my goal. I wish it was 100%, but I was tired and decided to be as good to myself as possible, and that meant, at those moments, to do good self-care and go to sleep.

Yesterday I watched the movie Hidden Figures. I loved it. Well made, well acted, and a great story based on real women’s lives. I went out for dinner with one of my brothers and my nephew and his wife and girls. I had a great chicken salad with avocado dressing, yum. This is the third time we have gone together to this place and I get the salad each time.

I am still at home right now, in my comfortable big green chair, typing, drinking coffee, and watching the last episode of this season of Marvel’s Agents of Shield. I just had a late lunch after a good sleep. One of my big windows is wide open and a cool breeze is drifting in. I hear the birds tweeting and the traffic nearby whirring.

I’m sitting here planning what I will do later this afternoon. I want to drop a few things off at the library drop box and at the post office today.

I want to get some fresh fruit somewhere, so depending on how much energy I think I have after that, I will go to one or another place. I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon with my therapist, so I have to save my energy up so that I can get there and do that. On Wednesday I have my morning appointment with for medication at the mental health clinic. I ‘ve been waiting a long time for that, so I want to definitely get there for that.

I’m hoping that I will have a lot of energy. I always hope that I will have a lot of energy.  It doesn’t usually turn out that way. But though I am hoping, I will plan according to how much energy that I feel that I have available and how much I project that I will need for today, tomorrow, and the next day. And try to have some fun each day as well. I hope you have some fun too.


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