She Didn’t Move Yet

The downstairs tenant, I was informed several times, had signed the eviction paperwork and agreed to move out May 15th. But she didn’t move out. She was quieter for a couple of days and I believed that she had moved out, because there was no all night disturbances, no cigarette smoke and no marijuana stench coming from her apartment. I think she was visiting someone else for three or four days, and then I started hearing noises again, though not as loud and mean. There was not any loud parties or banging on walls and then a week ago it all started up badly again.

I called the apartment complex managers on Monday and they said oh there was a mistake in the paperwork. I don’t know why they didn’t feel they should inform of this for a whole month, they kept saying it would be May 15th each time I talked to them about her continued behaviors.

They said that the paperwork was filled out wrong, that instead of giving her thirty days notice, they gave her forty-five days notice. So, okay, I’ve known from the beginning of moving in here that they have professionalism issues that are severe and chronic.

I had high hopes that with the old apartment manager leaving that this issue would have been handled well, accurately, and professionally. But the old manager left without a replacement and I think that contributed hugely to this mistake. Lack of staff is a totally understandable reason for a mistake like this, but still that doesn’t make things better for me until she is finally evicted.

I had a conversation yesterday with the new manager, who is professional, understanding, and reassuring. I mentioned that this is about the third time that I have been given assurances of her moving out and she reassured me that she is moving out in a few short days, this coming Wednesday, so that is great. I told her about all the issues and she said, if there is any issue call the police and they can deal with her.

So at five this morning I called the police because there was a huge and horrible stench of marijuana smoke in my apartment, the fourth experience I have gone through in the last 24 hours. So finally I called the police. They stopped by my place after talking to her and said that there was no smell when they got there.

I explained the issues and her impending eviction and what the apartment manager said I could do. I explained that while I do know when the stench gets to my apartment, I don’t know when she started smoking it and how much of the smell will be lingering. They, unfortunately seemed dubious and since I don’t call the cops on her, their vibe also included the concept that perhaps I was the one being inappropriate. Yeah, that’s me, cause I have had the police called less than once a year while living here the last four years, so they should totally think I might be the offender/abuser this scenario. Idiots.

Just three more days of this horrible person.

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