My Birthday Celebrations

Since I was so tired out after celebrating on Friday, the day before my birthday, I went to bed early and slept a lot. It was sweet. Unfortunately I still incredibly tired out.

On Friday, in between lunch and dinner, I went to the nearest library and then to an appointment with my chiropractor. I hadn’t been to the chiropractor for about a year-and-a-half, since I had my gall bladder removal surgery.

I had tweeked my neck and pinched nerve bad a few days before that, so I really, really needed to stop in and start back on addressing those issues. I didn’t feel immediately better, and based on past history, I knew that it might take a couple of weeks to start feeling like I was back on the right road to healing that issue once again.

(It does feel much better now, and I’m planning on going again this week and weekly for some time. He does a good job of focusing on this issue and then after  adjusting he uses acupuncture needles on both my forearms, which seems to help me a great deal, based on all the different things that we have tried to do over the years.)

So on Saturday morning I was feeling better, though still having pain and numbness issues going down into my arm and shoulder area on the right side of my back. One of my older bros and I had planned on getting together the weekend before, but I had to cancel due to lack of sleep from continued harassment and noise disturbances from the tenant below me. We had then made plans for Chinese buffet for lunch on my birthday.

My brother has an appalling lack of boundaries and a great love for teasing others. It is a challenge, when seeing him, and he always tends to resume his abusive behaviors, despite repeated challenges by me.  I know that he loves me, but love is not enough. He is getting to be an old geezer, but I still expect him to change and to treat me as though he loves and respects me. He has changed in the last six months, though not enough.

Most of our time went well. We had a nice meal. I had never been to this buffet before, I was not impressed, and I don’t think that I would want to ever go there again. It just wasn’t that good. I guess I’m used to a much better Chinese buffet place than this place was.

I know he wants to be a good brother to me, but his idea of what a good brother is not really the same as my idea of what a good brother is. I went home late in the afternoon and went to bed again early.




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