My Birthday Week

Today I was so tired out. What I decided to do was to rest. It was a special birthday week treat for myself.

The tenant below me has moved out, I think, so I am having a lot more peace and quiet, so I am sleeping more deeply. I noticed that right away two days ago. I have not recovered from her, that is for sure, but it is nice to see that my body is responding well to removal so quickly.

The tenant next to me, though, has decided to incorporate some of her behaviors in the last six months, since she was visiting, partying, and fuck buddying with him. A huge portion of those noise disturbances were caused specifically by her when she was in his apartment.

They did mostly stop in the middle of all of my complaining months about her and so I knew that it was indeed her who was causing the noise and partying disturbances while in his apartment, since I never complained about him and only complained about the tenant below me and most of the awful noise from his apartment stopped the very next day.

Tonight and yesterday evening, when I turned on the tv, someone from the apartment next to me, came to the area of shared wall and made repeated stomping noises etc in his kitchen area. I thought that he wasn’t that stupid, but he is pretty damn stupid, based on almost four years of living next to him. He is someone else who I could have kept complaining about and gotten him evicted.

Even though I know that I have given him a lot of tolerance, he does not reciprocate. I live in a small apartment and yet I had to move my bed away from our ajoining wall, because he keeps music on all night long while he sleeps and that was interfering with my ability to sleep at all at night for a time. This is what I would call an acceptable accommodation to living in an apartment building.

I remember the first time I listened to music without headphones. It was a Christmas album, so I think that was about two-and-a-half years ago. I put the cd on and was listening. After a few songs I could hear him stomping out into the hallway and down to my apartment door. He stood out there, with a huge malevolent cloud, for a few minutes and then stomped back to his apartment. I know that I listen to everything low, even my Christmas music during Christmas seasons, and that no one can hear any noise standing out in front of my apartment door.

That is okay, cause I am only willing to put up with only a small amount of crap from him, especially banging around and stomping, her favorite methods to try to harass and influence me into silence. After having my neighbor, below me, being in his apartment for about six months overnight every night, throwing things around and making a huge disturbance, I am totally unwilling to put up with anything from him.

Even though I would refuse to stop what I was doing, watching tv quietly, with the volume set on six to ten, that did not stop the crazy person. I certainly will not stop watching tv when I want to, not for him. Again he is another tenant who got spoiled because I listened to my tv, my computer, my nook and my phone with headphones, which I don’t do anymore.

So I am living my own life and being respectful and appropriate to all the tenants here. I slept well today and I have plans for tomorrow. And I had pizza for a treat today. If you are thinking that I am treating myself with food for my birthday week, you would be right.  🙂

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