My Birthday Week, Continued

We love rice krispies treats. I had not seen any pre-made at stores that are marked gluten free since going gluten free more than six years ago.

The Rice Krispies cereal has gluten in it, though they do have a gluten free version. I have seen it and actually bought it once. It tasted awful, seemingly devoid of sweetness. I don’t like really sugary cold cereal to begin with, so I know this stuff tasted awful. I don’t like adding sugar to cereal either, so I haven’t eaten it since. The rest of the box eventually got thrown away.

I have never bought it with the intention of making the cereal treat bars. The memory of the taste was just too freaking awful. I remember planning on doing it and then I replacing the box of cereal back to the shelf. Even the thought of the sweetness of the marshmellow taste was not enough to convince me to just try doing it once.

So I’ve been without a nice little treat once in a while, until I realized that my nearest Starbucks now stocks rice krispies treat bars. They don’t always have them in stock, but when they do it is a nice surprise. (I guess I should really try to make the treats for myself in the near future. I guess I will.)

For my birthday week today I went to Starbucks and had a Pike Place, my favorite,  coffee and a treat bar. Yum. Life is supposed to be made of little happy moments.

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