My Birthday Week

My birthday is coming up this Saturday. Each year I tend to try to celebrate my birthday for the whole week. That is mostly because I don’t associate with my family, especially when I am most vulnerable and they tend to be at their worst. I won’t go into my family of origin stuff right now, but suffice it to say my life is always so much better without them. So for many years I have tried to over-compensate by giving myself as much celebration and joy around my birthday as possible.

A couple of years ago I also decided to start celebrating the Sunday before my birthday and continue celebrating through the following Sunday, giving my birthday week eight days. 🙂 Well I believe that we deserve it.

For today I decided to celebrate by making some treats for us. I made chocolate chip cookie mix into bars. We love chocolate chip cookies a lot, especially the flavor and the texture, but they tend to take more energy than we have to expend. The bars take a lot less time and energy. The bars came out great and we have really enjoyed them.

I haven’t slept well this weekend, thanks to the tenant underneath my apartment, so I have been up all night and trying to get some sleep during the day, as normal she makes noise and disturbances late into the night, though it’s been getting worse again lately. So I sort of decided to ignore mother’s day as much as possible, and sleeping as much during the day as I could today. She moves out tomorrow!

One of my bros wanted to take me out to lunch today, but I was just too tired out after having no sleep overnight. I really wish that I could have gone. But avoiding my family on trigger days has proven, over and over, to be an essential part of good self-care. So even though I wanted to go, it was best that I not hang out with him on mother’s day.

So I had a great time and had chocolate chip bars and a bike ride and a trip to the store where I got some great fruit; cherries, strawberries, bananas, and green grapes. My birthday week is off to a great start.


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