I Love Architecture

I suppose that it is hardly surprising to learn that I love architecture. After all I am an artist and creative. It’s just something that I don’t usually talk about and something that I haven’t really learned a lot about.

I did go to a wonderful lecture at the downtown library some years ago. It was presented by an architecture history expert. He presented lots of slides and tons of information about the local area, the architectural history of the area, and interesting information on specific local buildings. Fascinating to see and listen to and fascinating work.

He has written several books on the topic and eventually I bought a copy of one of his books, it too has tons of information for local buildings. I could tell that he was very famous locally; the venue was packed and everyone was excited to be there. More importantly they all laughed way too much to his jokes. That is one real way of telling how important and famous someone is to a crowd. They were nice jokes, not really great ones, but the audience laughed loud and long for each one.

If I were to go to another presentation I would want to read more in advance and prepare a few questions in advance. And I would definitely want to talk to him personally. There was too much of a crowd and so he really didn’t stay to interact, but he did take quite a few questions. I just couldn’t think of anything to ask. I usually ask a question. That makes the experience more fun to me.

I usually wait to meet presenters and artists, it just makes the whole experience so much better.

I have had my books boxed up the last three months, more on that later.

I want to bring out some of my books, and his book is one that I really want to start perusing more, about specific local buildings in my area. I had wanted to start posting more about buildings in downtown and things about them that interest me. So I will be starting to do that on the blog in the near future.


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