Cold Spring Rain

She asks me what the deal is with all of this. She waved her hand towards the window and the big outdoors. I thought she was talking about the cold and rain.

I said, well it’s really only drizzling out there right now. She said well the cold. It was only April and as they say April showers bring May flowers.

I don’t know how many springs she had lived here, but I could tell this was a shocker for her, days and days of cold rain and cold temperatures, so she probably hasn’t lived in Minnesota for more than a couple of years. I told her, well, the last couple of springs have probably been warmer than normal, so I get what you are saying. This is kind of normal.

I didn’t want to bum her out, but actually this spring has been warmer than some. Four Mays ago it snowed on May 8th. It was cold, it was awful, and it stayed around for days.

And really, the rain helps into the summer, for lots of reasons, especially drought and fire warnings. The Mississippi River is high and I try to be thankful for that when I ride across one of the bridges.  So I try to be thankful for the rain. Even if I don’t feel particularly thankful.

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