A New Building, Downtown

I’ve been to the downtown library and afterwards stopped at the Dunn Bros coffee shop in the same building about four times in the last month. I know that I have mentioned here before that I love to sit there and cloud watch.

Even though there are some people coming and going and even though there is a good view of the outside area, it is not a great spot for people watching. I guess that means that I really don’t like or am not interested in the comings and goings of library patrons, and actually I think that is true. I prefer to watch people who are doing more than just walking to and fro. Also I have had so many experiences with the typical downtown library patrons and I really don’t like them much at all, so not interested in watching them or what they do or anything about them.

However the cloud watching at the coffee shop has always been interesting, fun, and something that I always look forward to.

Last time I was at the library, it finally occurred to me, hey that building they are erecting right across the street from the library might completely obstruct the sky from the huge windows there. The new building is something they have been working on for several months now. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me. They have about five stories now, and I think if they build more than that, it might obstruct a lot of the cloud viewing area. In the last year or two other buildings were also built and they block to the right of the street. Bummer. I really enjoyed and loved having a parking area across the street, but it makes sense that eventually some idiot would buy it and build expensive housing and retail space. Like they need more of that in downtown. They really and truly and seriously do not.

There is always area down by the river to scope out, but really not a lot of good inside viewing areas. I was bummed. Guess I have to start looking for other options as spring turns into summer.

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