I Love Salad Bars

Thirty years ago, or so, there used to be lots and lots of places that had salad bars. Even the place where I worked, which was a huge groupings of buildings that were connected across a block square, owned by one large multi-national corporation, had a salad bar in their cafeteria. I loved it. For some time, I even worked in the cafeteria, preparing the salad bar and other items for sale.

Over the years, more and more food places have discontinued salad bars. I can usually find them at Chinese buffet places, though those of good quality are far away from where I live now.

Bizarrely now, though, you  can get salad bar service in some local, more yuppie type grocery stores. So they cost a lot more and as a compensation you can get some really great choices. So I don’t feel I can go there very often. I did go for a Sunday evening salad and it was pretty great. I loved the seafood salad and ate a bunch. It was great.

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