I Love Caboodles

Perhaps  you don’t know what Caboodles are. They are big plastic, usually multi-colored containers. I think that they are meant to contain make-up cause they have mirrors in them, but since I don’t use make-up of any kind, I won’t be using a Caboodle for that reason.

I love Caboodles. I always have. I don’t know why, but we tend to love boxes, containers, big and little, from hatboxes to matchboxes, and always have.

The Caboodles really made some great containers, back in the day, about 25-30 years ago. I love those so much. Obviously the quality and the look of the Caboodles have changed dramatically over the years.

For several years I have watched out for the old ones at the used stores. Mostly they are in very bad shape or smelly or dirty, not something that I would ever consider taking home. I have been lucky the last year or two. I now have three great Caboodles. Two of them I found on the same day and I was convinced that someone had owned them both and they had been donated together, after I saw them on the shelf at the used store.

I decided to use them for storage of jewelry and pins that I love. I don’t have a lot of jewelry, even though I make jewelry, I mostly do that and give my creations as gifts to others. But I am going to try to make more earrings and  bracelets and anklets to keep, for myself. When small things bring you joy, it’s a good thing to embrace.


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