Well That’s New

I love weaving. I guess I always have. When I was in fifth grade my teacher, I think, taught the class how to make a small cardboard weaving loom. I think we made potholders.

It’s something that we’ve always remembered, liked, and wanted to do again. Unfortunately I haven’t. There have been a few times that I’ve actually come close.

Some of The Littles in our multiple system have reminded me periodically and their interest is so sweet and earnest. It makes me want to do it for them. I came really close in the last two years, but then didn’t. It was so disappointing.

Life got in the way and I’ve had to deal with my gall bladder illness and removal and long recovery and then the chaos in the apartment building that started all around me about  eighteen months ago as well.

I saw a loom kit for sale a few months ago. It had a small wooden loom and supplies for a couple of small wall hangings. The loom is probably about eight inches by eight inches so it is slightly bigger than what I once worked with, and hopefully sturdy enough for us to learn on.

I liked it, but it stayed in the store. It was priced $25, probably the right price for those types of things, a craft kit, as they tend to be priced higher than my financial reach. But I tend to watch out for those types of things to go on sale, cause a lot of other people don’t buy them either. So I saw it priced 50% off recently and took it home.

One really nice thing was that inside the box is a code for a free craft online class. I looked and saw that they really didn’t offer a lot of craft classes, so the one on how to use the loom is sort of the one that I would do. As well they don’t have a good explanation with good photos of how to set up the loom for weaving a  wall hanging, it’s tiny and the photos are bad and the writing is not explanatory. If figuring it out myself or the video don’t work well enough, there is a beginner book on weaving with small looms for kids at the library that I’ll use to figure it out.

Now just to find the energy and the time. I’m looking forward to it.

6 thoughts on “Well That’s New

  1. How exciting—and I bet that if the online class doesn’t work, there’s probably something on YouTube to show you how to use it, or give you enough orientation so you can get the hang of it. I love it that your Littles felt comfortable telling you what they want—it speaks to the care and trust in your system.

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    • Hi David,

      I did a productive search on pinterest of saved youtubing vids. They look promising. I/we have taught ourselves a lot of craft skills, so of course, they are feeling confident and I am feeling anxious, I just don’t ever feel confident about learning new stuff.

      My Littles are great at that. They have three methods:

      1 be the little small voice in my head talking about something over and over, this tends to make me consider doing something they want to do.

      2 do everything that they can to make me like and want to do things that they like and want to do. It works a lot, though not all the time.

      3 plead and beg for me to buy things for them and to do them. This seems to be the least effective, mostly because of time issues, health and energy issues, and money issues.

      I know that I’m so lucky that they all love and trust me. It is sobering and humbling and I only wish that we didn’t have to cope with health, pain, energy, time and poverty issues so much of the time. I wish it would all be better and am trying to give us all more joy and happiness each week. Thanks so much for the kind words, support, and encouragement.

      Good and healing thoughts to you, your queens, and your mum.



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