It’s My Birthday Month

It’s my birthday month! 🙂 I’m very excited and happy about it all. I have made some nice plans for the blog.

As usual we will be posting healing quotes about books and reading all month. We will also be adding some jokes and such through the month, if we can get that organized, it will be every day as well.

I have committed to doing a nice thing for myself each day of my birthday week (May 15-21) and posting about it here as well.

As well I decided to try to do a post for every day of the month. I’ve never done that, but I am going to try. What I am going to try to do is write and post a new post each day, on something that we have never written about on the blog and it has to be things that we are interested in or things that we love.

Now this sounds very hard for me to do, cause I do write about a lot of topics in the past on things that we love or are interested in. But I am accepting the challenge and stay tuned to see how that process goes in figuring out things that we have not discussed here  yet. 🙂


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