The Good News, Delayed

I had been waiting weeks in order to write a good news  post, but weeks have gone by and the good news has not arrived yet, so this is a finally a good news, delayed, post.

I had been told that the tenant who lives in the apartment beneath me was being forced to move out on April 1st, but that did not happen. I had to call several more times in order to find out what her status was and why she wasn’t evicted, even though I had been told by several management staff that she was going to be. Then I finally got told that she got an attorney and fought the eviction and won because they didn’t have any proof aside from their word about the complaints, etc.

I just don’t understand that because I had called and complained to the security company that works for the apartment complex. They had come out many times and heard and saw what she was doing and made her stop her noise disturbances. However, apparently they did not have those printed out, guess they really thought that they were going to get her kicked out easily.

I finally found out that what they needed in order to force the eviction was written complaints, so I gave them six emails in the space of four days over all the disturbances she has been perpetrating. She is being forced to move out on May 15th, so until then I am just waiting. She got worse after she signed the eviction notification and agreement for a few days until I notified them what had happened over that weekend and they notified her that if she continued with her behaviors she would get an immediate eviction.

She still does some things to cause noise disturbances, but they are small things that she thinks she can still get away with and still disturb the tenants who live around her. If I have my tv on she will make a few banging noises, like she thinks I am going to lower my tv or turn it off. I keep my tv on 5 to 10 on the volume. So no I am not turning it off or turning it down, it is exceedingly low to begin with.

She carries around an appalling amount of personality defects. It has been obvious from day one. Thankfully the rotten rage-filled apartment manager was driven out of her job on March 15th. The new apartment manager worked with me from day one to address this tenant’s behavior and tenancy. Thank God for all his/her mercies.

I am literally counting the days.

6 thoughts on “The Good News, Delayed

    • Hi,

      There are 57 little tiny apartments in this small complex. We really are forced to live way too close to one another in a building that has very little sound blocking in it. Despite that I manage quite well living here unless it is really egregious and they won’t get rid of them in a timely manner. All I can say, is her behaviors are still going on, though much quieter than before. Also the days are going on and I am sure looking forward to the end of this person in my life. I am starting to get more sleep and that is helping a lot.

      Good and healing thoughts to yous.


      That’s a lovely thought. Perhaps a real long nap after a really long sleep. And pizza.


    • I can live without peace, sort of the story of my life, but living without quiet, that is a real challenge as it tends to be a trigger and a further disruption of my insomnia. I am still counting the days until crazy moves out from the apartment below me. Thanks for your kind words.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.


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