First Day of Spring

Yesterday was the first day of Spring and I decided to have a celebration.

First I went to the library to pick up a set of dvds on hold, the first season of the tv show, Major Crimes. I’ve seen the five seasons in the past, but we wanted to watch it again. I was  a fan of the show The Closer, before Major Crimes, an off-shoot from the show The Closer. All of the main characters were a part of the original show. We love the mothering that the main character does to her foster teenager. We love the character, Sharon Raydor. I was looking forward to picking up the discs and watched quite a few episodes last night. That was a nice part of our celebration.

While at the library we also stopped off at the Dunn Bros. coffee shop. I enjoy having a coffee, sitting for a while, taking in the ambience and effect of the shop and especially in the library building. I love the library building. I sat and enjoyed my coffee and listening to a book read aloud.

I then went out to eat a special meal. I don’t go out to eat by myself that much during the winter, so this was an acknowledgement of spring and the coming warmer weather, along with the increased access to the roads and the neighboring areas. I went to Chipotle. The staff person recognized me from about two weeks ago and I gave him a big compliment for my previous meal. As a consequence, he gave me a huge amount of food for my hard shell chicken tacos. So I was incredibly spoiled and full. And the food was great. A great celebration dinner was had by all.

I also fit in a trip to the store for some supplies and some food, which was great to get done. That made it nice to not have the pressure to have to go out again the next day, if I didn’t want to. It was nice to go out and celebrate the arrival of spring, but it was also nice to arrive home and to continue celebrating it with watching the tv show. It was nice to be able to celebrate the leaving of winter and the arrival of spring.

2 thoughts on “First Day of Spring

    • Hi Liz,

      Things are looking up, a lot, since yesterday and then tomorrow the apartment dweller beneath me is moving out. So excited. We are resting up from all the drama, disaster, and turmoil and lack of sleep from the apartment building for the last six months. So looking forward to better, working on that every day.

      Good and healing thoughts to you and your wife and kitty.


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