Last Day of Winter

I read a quote recently that essentially said, “you think it is an ending. It is also a beginning.” I thought that was an appropriate thing to think about for the end of winter, the beginning of spring. The weather kind of got the two days reversed this year. Today got to about 50 degrees, and tomorrow will be cooler, though not as cool as usual, which is great, as far as I am concerned. I am so happy that winter is ending. It has been a very stressful and awful winter for me and it is nice to see the end to that.

I had planned on getting out today and so I felt compelled to get out on my bike today, though I really would have preferred to do absolutely nothing. So I got on my bike about an hour before sundown and went for a bike ride to my local dollar tree store and Aldi’s. So my hunter-gathering session went well. 🙂

I sat outside for about a half hour and ate a snack, taking in the nice weather and basking. Quick tip, always take time for a good bask. 🙂 That’s the inner cat in me giving out advice. 🙂 More on that in the near future.

Since the weather was so nice I guess I was celebrating spring today, so tomorrow I will try to celebrate winter, cause I will probably be more bundled up than I was today. Not sure, maybe I’ll just celebrate the winter has ended instead.

After a nice bike ride and two shopping experiences, I was warmed up enough to sit outside for a time without my coat or hat on, though I did put the coat back on for the ride home, as the sun had already set. I sat and listened to a book read aloud on my phone. All in all it was a great time.

Tomorrow, more small biking adventures. I’ll be posting about that as well. I encourage you all to embrace your own small adventures, wherever they meet you.


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