No Hat No Gloves

A couple of weeks ago we had about five days of very nice weather, with a high of about 50 for several days, which is pretty great for February. After a couple of days of this weather I finally steeled myself to go out on a short bike trip. It was glorious. I had on my winter coat, but it wasn’t zipped up and my hat and gloves were in my carryall bag. I was having a pretty good time.

I stopped at a red light and got down from my bike. The red lights downtown can be quite long, so I was just enjoying the sunlight and the weather when  guy started crossing in the crosswalk in front of me. He looked over at me, flashed a grin, and said great weather for a bike ride. I said, Yeah! No hat, no gloves, the best.

It’s supposed to be nice this weekend as well. I’ve been going out on my bike a lot more lately, due to necessity, so it will be nice to be getting some more sweet bike riding weather.  I need to get to the post office tomorrow, and will do something nice afterwards as well. I am planning on going out to eat at a nice Asian restaurant that I like. My motto lately has been, put as much happy into your day as possible.

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