Great News of the Day

I called the apartment manager’s office today and got some great news. The woman who lives in the apartment beneath me will be moving out soon. This is very good news.

Feel free to skim over this part, as I have mentioned a lot of this before, but am recounting the last three months as well. She is loud and likes to have drunken parties. She routinely bangs things around, at all hours. She started having little children over a lot, think they are other tenants here who do most of the same things as her. Hey I love kids, let me just say, but screaming, running, jumping and yelling at all hours is not my bag baby. And I do mean all hours, I can hear them yelling and making noise all night long. She smokes both cigarettes and marijuana and since she moved in a year ago, she has been a major disturbance, though not the only one, in my home life.

I used to have to have a fan on with the setting on at least low in order to cover so much of the apartment building noise disturbances, this is not a well maintained building, so it is usually a matter of managing one tenant after another’s negative impact on my life. Having a fan on kicks up dust and makes my sinus issues worst. So a couple of  months ago I tried to stop using it.  My sinuses thank me and that makes me want to continue with this new odd thing called silence.

I used to wear my headphones, not the ear insertion type, almost all the time that I watched shows online, and since my jaw pain issues with TMJ have gotten so much worse, I decided to stop using them, most of the time. That had been going good. But what giving up the headphones and the fan meant was that I could hear the craziness of this woman downstairs so much more.

What became very obvious immediately was that she was purposely retaliating for her perceived noise violations by myself. Actually I knew she was doing that for the last three months, but tried to ignore her psycho stuff as much as possible.

When I had to pack up and move all of my stuff around in November for bug spraying and then clean and declutter for the inspection she would bang in the area of my bed to try to disturb my sleep. I’m sure about that because it happened every day. I had less than a week to manage all of that and so I did what I could, when I could, and my attitude was she could complain if she didn’t like me awake late at night doing nothing more than packing boxes and bins, which is not a valid noise complaint anyways. Then I had to do the same thing in December and in January. Being disabled often means that things take me longer to get done and when I can do them I do them.

Any time I would turn on my tv or computer with sound she would come to where she thought I was sitting and bang loudly on things. She wouldn’t always get the area right, but she could sort of estimate where the tv sound was coming from.  Now this is the reaction of someone who has had a tv and computer free noise zone from her upstairs neighbor for her whole tenancy, for over a year! She tried that for over a few weeks. She would actually stop the banging if I went to the kitchen and bathroom areas and turned off what I was watching. I seriously think she thought that she was going to train me, which is hilarious.

One morning I got up early, 5:30, and was trying to get things out of my closet several times. Later that afternoon she banged her closet door over and over. My door makes noise because it has needed repair for over three months and even though I have requested that many times, it still falls off the runner and leans dangerously to the side and bangs against the wall. It is huge, it is all wood, and it is too heavy for me and sometimes it makes a small noise when it hits the wall.

The final thing about her, how much noise and disturbances she makes vs how tiny of human dwelling noise she is willing to put up with from others, is hilarious. Several of her middle of the night parties were such that I wanted to be sure it was her and walked downstairs and by her apartment. The amount of disturbance up in my apartment was bad, but the amount of music, yelling people, and screaming children was horrible outside her apartment. Plus she used to do this whopping, yelling thing over and over when she would have parties and get totally smashed. So I know how little my apartment activity must be for her. I lived here for two and a half years before her and never had a noise issue with people who lived below me. I just want to add  that I never gotten a noise complaint in almost four years of living here, or any other kind of complaint for that matter.

I’ve done my fair share of complaining against her, though I didn’t want to be the one tenant who was the cause of her eviction. Since I hadn’t called to complain about her recently and since I only rarely called the security company to complain about her, I don’t see how any of it can be blamed on me. I know this is how abusive people are, they don’t take responsibility for their own stuff and they have to blame it on others who they are abusing.

I called the office today to talk to someone about her again and was told that she won’t be a problem for much longer. He prefaced that by saying I don’t think that I should really tell you this, but… Which was how I was also told about the woman across the hall from me, with her three adult children, one toddler, and one baby that were constantly there. I realize that they shouldn’t be telling me, but it is sadly the only good news that I get from them and so is highly valued.



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