That Pesky Groundhog

I forgot to remember that today was Groundhog’s Day. I didn’t think about it at all, not a week ago, or more, and not less than a week ago. That was perfectly fine with me, and totally understandable, especially since someone in my family, who is a sex offender insists on celebrating his birthday today, even though it is not his day of birth.

So it was perfectly fine that I did not remember that it was going to be Groundhog’s Day today. I would have just been unhappier earlier in the day. The people in Pennsylvania, who make money off of the groundhog says that he says he saw his shadow, so six more weeks of winter. I am heartened, though, by the fact that his accuracy is not very good.

I did remember about St. Brigit’s Day for February 1st.  And I did manage to get out for lunch with my sis, as a celebration, and we had a pretty good time.  I’ll try to write more about that soon, hopefully tomorrow or the next day.

So to celebrate today, I forgot. I got up and took my medication, drank a glass of water, sat up for an hour or so and then decided to lay back down and then proceeded to sleep most of the day. Good times. I got out of bed about an hour and half ago and had a small meal and decided to get started on posting for this month.

I had to put all of my stuff in the kitchen and bathroom in boxes and bins, again, for the bug spray guy, a couple of weeks ago. That means a disruption in my apartment with bug or mice issues for three months in a row, even though I don’t have either. Another tenant told me that she had a retaliatory spraying a couple of months ago as well for complaining about another tenant, and yes I have complained about issues in the apartment building. I’m still hoping that this apartment manager leaves within a couple  of months, as ten months is the amount of tenure most of them manage to stay with this company. Here is to hoping.

I haven’t managed to put everything back where it came from yet. I still have two large plastic bins that need to be emptied and the items washed. Packing the stuff up goes pretty quickly, but unpacking involves a lot more work, and then there is the fact that I used up all my energy and time doing something stupid like getting ready for the bug man, who is really very nice to me by the way.  Of course there is the added benefit that since I already overused my body, I tend to get more and more small injuries that keep adding up and make everything so much harder. So I am taking it slow. How are you all doing?

2 thoughts on “That Pesky Groundhog

  1. It seems like there’s a lot of annoyances with your apartment manager/landlord. I’m sorry for that! Do take it easy these days and respect your body’s limits. Many blessings to you dear!

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