Word of the Year 2017

I love having a word of the year. I don’t think that I did one last year or the year before, much like not having any new year’s resolutions. I like doing it and I miss it when I don’t. It usually helps to remind me to do good things for myself and to focus on myself in healthy and healing ways, at least that is the way that I try to use these two things.

My word of the year for 2017 is Fierce.

Here is the definition that I like the most about being fierce; “furiously active or determined.”

Synonyms, that I like the best, for fierce are; keen, relentless, forceful, intense, fervent, impassioned, powerful and strong.

I’ve always been fierce, at least so long as I can recall, and my earliest memories through flashbacks show that to me as well. I think I had to be very fierce in order to survive being born to my mother. She didn’t want me, didn’t love me, and so I had to be very very fierce indeed in order to get enough of what I needed in order to survive when I was my most vulnerable and least able to take care of myself.

So it sort of came as a surprise that the word that came to me, when I was focusing on what the new word, was fierce. I had initially thought it would be nice for the word for this year to be Explore, and that felt just wonderful in my mind, until my intuition had to go and disagree and announce that the word of the year for 2017 was fierce. And of course it felt just right.

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