My New Year, Day One

Today has been very mild, so far, which is actually a good and desired thing. Getting to today took a lot of effort, especially in the last few weeks. I’m glad that I am here. Quite exhausted, but that will happen when i do significantly more than I have energy for.

For my celebration today I made a chicken salad sandwich and for dessert my chocolate chip cookies that I made last night.

Early in the day I dedicated my healing altar. It was not a big ceremony, as unfortunately I forgot that my spiritual guide had told me to have it done at the end of the year and had not planned it ahead. He reminded me and so I did it quickly. I am planning on doing more in the near future and will post here soon about the process of assembling the altar items that I have not posted about yet.

So how was your day and did you celebrate? Glad for the new year?

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