My Next Dr’s Appointment

My doctor had recommended that I see an ear nose and throat specialist and because she is my doctor and because I love her so much, got an appointment for the week after I saw my doctor, even though I have only seen one of those and it was an awful experience. My experience is that they are argumentative and contentious doctors, which is surprising and the reason why I don’t try to see one more often.

My doctor had diagnosed a middle ear infection, with fluid in the ear. She gave me a prescription for an antibiotic and I was feeling much better before seeing the specialist.

This doctor was the same as the doctor that I saw many years ago. In addition, she was dismissive and insulting, which really made me mad and made me stand up for myself to the doctor. She said that since I hadn’t had any surgeries or tubes in my ears then obviously my ear infection issues as a child were not very serious. I told her hey I’m so many years old and that was years before doctors did tubes in little children’s ears and my parents were poor, without insurance, and did not get me adequate health care, and never took me to a doctor when I had an ear infection, so you cannot be drawing any conclusions from that. She was a total jerk. She suggested that next time I have an issue that I make an appointment so she can see what it looks like. As if I would see her again.

As my doctor said, she wanted to eliminate some possibilities, so that was good. I took a hearing test while at the specialist and I still don’t have any hearing loss or issues there, so that is great. The specialist referred me to a physical therapy clinic that specializes in TMJ, Trans Mandibular Joint Disorder, which my doctor had already considered a good option to consider doing some therapy with.

I was diagnosed with this about ten years ago, though have probably had it most of my life. I won’t be going to the clinic as they are at least twenty miles away from where I live and don’t want to do physical therapy on my neck and jaw. I might consider looking into other options there in the spring or summer, when I can more easily travel in warmer weather. I am also considering going back to have my chiropractor do acupuncture once again when the warmer weather arrives.

I started focusing more on the TMJ issues since then, as that seems to be the cause of most of the issues and am doing things to help that. The good news is that it also is doing better, with less tightness and pain and less horrible headaches. Less pain and less headaches, good news for the new year.

5 thoughts on “My Next Dr’s Appointment

  1. That ENT doctor definitely has an attitude. Both my kids had ear infections when they were little, a surgery with tubes were recommended that we refused. Eventually the kids overgrew that so the surgery was totally unnecessary IMO

    Well congratulations on the good news!

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    • Thanks so much. It’s great to narrow down the issues that I have to deal with.

      Some of my nephews have had the operation, one three times, and I think it amounted to child abuse by the doctors. I’m glad that you didn’t have the operations. They get an operation that they can do and then try to get everyone to have it done, in my opinion, it amounts to big money.

      Good and healing thoughts to yous.



  2. You should follow this blog []. I think she also has TMJ. Her blog is interesting, diverse and filled with art and a sense of humour. Oh, don’t forget the delicious baked goods. You will find some common ground and its always validating to meet people with the same condition

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