My Doctor Visit

I went to see my doctor a few days ago and I have to just say first, I love her, I love my doc so much.

I talked to her about a number of ongoing chronic issues and she really was knowledgeable, astute, compassionate, and caring. I just love her.

Here is the thing that I have with her that I have not had with another doctor, she listens and she really cares about what I say and then she really cares about giving me a diagnosis that will be helpful and healing. I realize that should be what a doctor does, but not so much in my experience, but definitely in my doctor’s visit with her.

I did get diagnosed with an ear infection again, and so she referred me to a specialist for next week, which should hopefully go well.

I have been taking my medication and resting a lot. Yesterday I slept for more than twelve of hours, and that went great. Today I took part in an annual party that I started with some relatives, a couple of years ago, and I will definitely share more about that in a day or two. I had a great and wonderful time and being home now, I just feel kind of giddy with the enjoyment of the day and being with my great-nieces. 🙂 It’s nice.

I’m kind of tired out, so I am just chillaxing. So how was your day and how is your holiday season going? Thinking of yous and sending yous good and healing thoughts to yous.

5 thoughts on “My Doctor Visit

  1. A good doctor is a very wonderful thing! I’m really glad for you; it made a big difference when I got a very understanding female doctor. I hope you feel better and can enjoy some of the holidays. We like to celebrate Moosemas instead of Christmas and it’s a low-key thing but the kids still have fun 🙂

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