Well That Was Awful

September is a bad month for me, has been since I was 21 and my daddie died. It used to be my favorite Autumn month to me. But I think that I may have to pick another one.

Well it was awful having an online friend loss through suicide and an extended family member die, I thought that was awful. Then this past week happened, two more extended family deaths, three death anniversaries, one of which was my father, another a beloved doggie, and a beloved adult nephew, and then 9.11 happened. Well that is over with for the next year, but unfortunately, the month isn’t even half over with yet, and the emotions have decided to hang around, so I guess I need to do some more mourning and grieving work. That’s totally doable. Only in smaller doses please.

7 thoughts on “Well That Was Awful

    • Hi,

      That is so kind of you. Thank you. It feels manageable, but has managed to derail a lot of other plans that I have made. I will get back on track as I am able, soon I am hoping. 🙂 Thanks for your kind comment.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



    • Hi David,

      Thank you for the wonderful advice and support. I have been giving myself a lot of breaks and just relaxing and not doing much but self care. Today I have worked some on clearing off my altar space and hopefully will be working on that and posting about that more on the blog soon. I want to get the altar area all cleared off tomorrow, and think I am on-track to doing that.

      Actually I have been feeling worse this week health-wise, rather than better, but I have been taking care of my health and self care and think that I am functioning better from the aftermaths of all the death stuff, though that too will take more time to recover from.

      My left ear has been an issue for over a year and has never gotten a lot better, and my head cold went from that to an upper respiratory thing as well. I have to remember to keep doing the hydrogen peroxide every day as that helps so much.

      I would like to be doing so much better with my health. Still I will keep heading in the right direction.

      Good and healing thoughts to you and to the queens.


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    • Hello Granny,

      I wanted to let you know that almost every day I have chicken soup, of a kind of canned soup that I like the most, and while eating it I keep telling myself that the soup is from you and that it is going to help us to heal. 🙂 I love that. Slowly the days are passing and I am coping good and taking gentle care of my bod. Thanks darling friend.

      Good and healing thoughts to you and Gramps.



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