My Healing Altar 5

This is my college medallion, that I received on graduating with my double major Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Anthropology, at Metropolitan State University in Minnesota. I am so proud of myself and all that I overcame to finish.

It is a very sacred object to me and I usually like to have it on my desk, within easy sight. Now it will be on the desk area for my Healing Altar, right next to my computer desk.

5 thoughts on “My Healing Altar 5

  1. Most times we don’t control what happened in th past but we can control, somehow, part of our future and you made it Kate, hold on to that feeling of pride because it will help you a lot.. well done girl :))

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    • Hi,

      Yes that is true. And it does. When I moved out of state for six months I took it with me, as well as all my stones/crystals, some of my healing things I did not want to be without.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.


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