Paths of Healing 4 (Altars)

Altars site on (swearing in title, lots of photos) Altars, shrines, and other sacred spaces from all spiritual paths and traditions

Healing Altars Images

Nature Altars Images

How to Make a Personal Altar

How to Create an Altar

Create a Personal Altar

Creating Your Own Sacred Space with Homemade Altars

The Five Element Healing Altar

Setting Up a Healing Altar

Feng Shui Tips to Create an Altar 

A Guide to Women’s Altars

Spiritual Altars

Spiritual Altar– Connecting to God

Spiritual Altars

Creating an Angel Altar

Creating  Reiki Altar

Creating Your Own Reiki Healing Altar

How to Create a Crystal Altar

The Faery Altar

How to Build a Meditation Altar

How to Build a Powerful Meditation Altar with Crystals

5 Tips for Creating an Altar for Meditation

Setting Up a Buddhist Altar

Creating Shrines and Altars for Grief

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