Healing Poems 388

The Soul’s Insistence

The soul likes to go grocery shopping
so it tags along with the body
but the body is tired for its part and only
needs some milk and some aluminum foil.

How about some lemons, says the soul
standing among the pyramids of fruit
which the body knows aren’t really pyramids
because it’s all done with mirrors. But the soul

is standing among the pyramids telling the body
it needs lemons. And the body is tired
of the soul telling the body what it needs
when it doesn’t even know the difference between

pyramids and produce, lemons and mirrors, needs
and desires. The soul has no idea, thinks the body
and says as much out loud, or maybe only
sotto voce, so the soul mishears, the soul misunderstands

and says to the body, yes they do have pears,
pointing admiringly at another perfect pyramid.

~ Paul Hostovsky

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