Healing Poems 384

Little League

When the ump produces
his little hand broom
and stops all play to stoop
and dust off home plate,
my daughter sitting beside me
looks up and gives me a smile that says
this is by far her favorite part of baseball.

And then when he skillfully
spits without getting any
on the catcher or the batter or himself,
she looks up again and smiles
even bigger.

But when someone hits a long foul ball
and everyone’s eyes are on it
as it sails out of play …
the ump has dipped his hand
into his bottomless black pocket
and conjured up a shiny new white one
like a brand new coin
from behind the catcher’s ear,
which he then gives to the catcher
who seems to contain his surprise
though behind his mask his eyes are surely
as wide with wonder as hers.

~ Paul Hostovsky

2 thoughts on “Healing Poems 384

    • Hello dear,

      I will start today and probably start with twice a week, I’ll see what my intuition says, but I do think right off the top of my head to start with twice a week.

      I finally got a computer notebook recently so that I am finally back online with typing and interacting more on others’ blogs, cause my old computer just was not up to dealing with the internets without windows 10. I am so happy and glad that I was able to get your message early this morning.

      I had been thinking of you lots and really wanted to let you know. So glad to hear from you. I don’t think that I have made it plain to you, cause I hate typing on my phone, but you and your struggles and your courage and your brave sharing have really meant a lot to me, so I wanted to let you know that. And you as well mean a lot to me.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.


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