The Miracles Keep Happening

It is nice to report that the miracles keep happening. I wanted to write today about my most recent miracle. I finally was able to get a new computer notebook. It has a lot of stuff in it and so it is really as good as a computer or laptop.

Last Sunday I was over at my sister’s for a family dinner and was looking at the Sunday paper sale ads. I happily found a great looking computer notebook at an incredible price. Now I had been talking, thinking, planning, and hoping to get a notebook or tablet of some kind for a huge amount of time, most notably in the last year.

I had tentatively decided to buy a specific tablet, with keyboard, last December. It was being sold at a store that is about twenty miles away and that is why that I have not actually purchased it. The price was $200 plus tax.

I think it would have been a great deal, even at that price. But I saw an even more incredible price for a notebook that seems to have enough stuff in it to call it a laptop. It was a notebook on sale for $150, originally priced at $190. I asked my bro if he would take me to the store and so I bought it and got it home with lots of glee. I got 5% also off of the sale price, so my price after taxes was only $152. πŸ™‚ Seriously I think of this as a miracle. πŸ™‚

Now I am slowly able to increase my online time, especially the time and amount of typing, which I am so happy about. My old computer, sans windows 10 just could not keep up. I am so happy, I am so happy. And I hate having to type on my nook and phone, with that little tiny pretend keyboard. I hope to be able to be more active on other blogs. I am so excited and happy about that. See you all soon.

10 thoughts on “The Miracles Keep Happening

  1. I couldn’t be happier for you–that is so wonderful. I use a notebook, myself, and have done for years…the good ones are just as good as a laptop, so if you don’t run a ton of video or do multiplayer games, they’re perfect.

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