My Other Girlie Passed On

I found out a couple of day ago that my friend’s doggie, that I love very much, was going to be brought to a vet in less than two hours. She said she wasn’t sure if they were going to do the euthenasia procedure, because the vet wanted to examine her first before agreeing to anything and I did not get a text or call since then to let me know for sure. This happened in December as well and I thought she had passed on for a couple of months before I heard from friend that doggie was still here.

I only got to visit her once since then, but I have missed her so much. I missed being able to see her and the other doggie who I loved during the time I lived at my friend’s home. Loving someone else’s doggies is usually how I get my doggie fix, but it is hard on me and us. We miss them and we love them, and they love us, and they are ours, but not really, not really about being able to see them. That’s the downside and the upside is not having to buy their food or pay their vet bills.

Both doggies visit me, in spirit, and have done for some time, as I have been giving them and sending them Reiki for all the years I have loved them, seven years now. I feel sad not being able to go on bike rides with them and sad not being able to play ball with them and sad not to see them and hold them and cuddle them, though they were big, and spoil them and love them and pet them. Just sad.

Thinking of my interactions with them I think most of all the laughter the two big dumb dopes caused me. I don’t mean to say that they were dumb, cause they were both sly devils and far from dumb. They could be calculating and canny operatives when interacting with anyone.

I loved boy doggies for so many years. I wasn’t sure that I was capable that I could love girlies. And then you dumped your big humps in my lap and loved me, well that was it, I fell and I fell hard.

Right now I’m just thinking of my lovely white boxer, who loved to run with me while I rode my bike and who smiled so big and whose joy was so large, it made me laugh out loud just to be near her and to watch her next to my bike. The big sloppy kisser who always loved to see me. I love having her with me since she left her doggie body. You are my girlie. You’ll always have a home with me. I’ll love you forever.

I am thinking of my big bundle of fluff who was a marshmallow but who instilled fear in plenty of large men and then would look over at me with a look that said what is their deal and who could totally the next second bristle up and bark and scare the crap out of them, my lovely rotweiller who wanted to make everyone her friend, who loved to run and catch and yearned for my time, who loved to explore with me, and who learned how to be nice and polite on our bike rides. You are my girlie. You’ll always have a home with me. I’ll love you forever.

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