Awesome Crap

That is what it said on the yard sale sign. My sister and I were on our way to a local thrift store. We were at a stop sign about a block away from the store when we both were drawn to a yard sale sign nailed to a telephone pole. They were advertising that the sale had “awesome crap” for sale.

So we both agreed that it was a sale that we wanted to stop at. Unfortunately they were seriously overestimating the awesome level of their crap or they were lying or both. Nothing awesome so far as the eye could see. Lots of crap. But I did find three small things to purchase.

I found some even better things at the thrift store to drag home. The Littles got a couple of great used books that were in like new shape for one dollar apiece. A couple of summer tshirts that were in fact brand new with the tags on, which was great.

We are also always on the lookout for little gifts to give to others, we find so much joy in finding little treasures that are very low priced for others. 🙂 We got some little angel pins some time ago for our little nieces, and we often get many many Disney things from Target as birthday and Christmas gifts, and are always looking for something small and reasonable that will make them smile for all the times in between. My sister gets them lots of little treasures as well.

We only wish that we had had an aunt like that for ourselves when we were little, but it is always good to remind myself to get stuff for us too and especially for The Littles, cause we can and do love things to play with and to keep as little treasures. It helps in our healing and it helps not to forget ourselves when we are looking for treasures.

It was lots of fun. I try to do thrifting once a week, if I can get somewhere, usually with my sibling’s help. We all look forward to it a lot. I hope that I am up to physically doing that this week as well.

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