Healing Quotes 794

“I love trying things and discovering how I hate them.”
~ D.H. Lawrence

2 thoughts on “Healing Quotes 794

    • Hi David,

      I only found this quote recently. Lol, and I love it. I freaking love it.

      I think it reminds me so much of the awful way that my mother used to try to get me to eat crappy things. She would insist that I wouldn’t know until I tried it, but I did know with prescient accuracy that I would hate certain things. But she made me eat them anyway. But then again, she was awful in every way. It’s freeing to be able to label her that and to believe that. I feel no need to protect her in any way any more. At one stage of my life and healing I still had a knee jerk reaction of protecting my family, but I don’t any more.

      This quote reminds me to do small things that are not so much of a risk or not a risk and if I don’t like it, then so be it, no one can force me into them again. It’s nice to be able to make a list of hated things, as though my opinion matters more than anything else, which is does. So I guess perhaps this might be your motto, for me it is kind of my newest mantra. 🙂

      Good and healing thoughts to yous.


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