A Question

Sunrise or sunset?

Definitely sunsets are my favorite, by a huge amount. Firstly, I am not a morning person. Never have been. My father was a morning person, he started work very early in the morning when I was small. It was not a good time of day for me, I was always tired out, so tried to sleep in as much as I could. This tendency continued into my adulthood

Secondly, I love all the colors in a sunset compared to the clear bright light in the sunrise. The light sensitivity I had for years may have contributed to my aversion to sunrises. Going gluten free helped eliminate the light sensitivity, but I still prefer early evenings to early mornings.

I’ve worked the day shift many, many years, but it was never something I liked to do. In fact, I’ve often done all three shifts. One of my favorite jobs was inside a building without windows for a few years and that was hard, but at least I only did that job during the day, so I was able to see sunsets during that time period as well.

One job I did for a few years while in college had me doing day and evening shifts. My favorite times were doing the evening shift and being able to see the sunset and the beauty that resulted right from the front counter at the video store. There were five huge windows facing directly west. One of my siblings still lives in that area and I still get to see some great sunsets in that neighborhood.

Where I live in downtown is great for that as well. When I take my bike out in the evening, I see some great sunsets, as I drive towards the west. It’s just magic.

4 thoughts on “A Question

  1. Wholeheartedly agree! Sunsets for me too! As a nurse, I worked many many years on the evening shift and hardly ever saw a sunrise. That was fine with me, as I tend to hit my stride at about 3 pm. Left to my own timing of things, I still tend to sleep late and stay up late.

    I never thought about the difference in the color of sunset versus sunrise, but I agree there also. Sunset colors are much prettier. And now that I think about it, I’m sure a sunset lasts longer than a sunrise.

    All in all, sunsets add much more to my life and enjoyment. Thank you for the question and your thoughts.

    Love, Granny

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    • Hi Granny,

      I agree with all that you wrote. 🙂 Thanks so much for your comments, gave me more to think about on this topic. 🙂 Lovely as always. I am usually drawn to nurses, even in college I would sit next to them on first day of classes without even knowing that they were nurses. You can just pick up on their loveliness.

      Good and healing thoughts to yous.



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