Apparently I Speak Spanish

Well I don’t, not at all. I can speak a few sentences, I sure know how to say I can’t speak Spanish in Spanish, that much is true, but I hardly know any Spanish at all. But apparently a guy in the street thought I knew and was offended that I was ignoring him.

I was crossing the street, by walking and steering my bike. I had been shopping at the downtown Target store and they have been re-designing the Nicollet Mall and many of the streets downtown, so lots of things are messed up.

It’s hard to get around on the street the Nicollet Mall, but that is where the library is and that is where the Target store is, so I end up there almost every time I go into that area of downtown. The street is all clogged up with construction vehicles and concrete barriers, so sidewalks are pretty busy and difficult.

I think I’ve mentioned downtown guys and the way they behave tend to be not the kind of guys that I would consider having a conversation with, let alone anything else. So I do a lot of ignoring people.

So I was walking next to my bike and steering it across the street and ignoring people. There were three guys on the other side of the street. One was yelling and walking towards me. I started walking in a circle to avoid him. He was saying, ayo chica ayo mami blah blah blah. I know what chica and mami mean. That’s why I was ignoring him. Besides he was way too young for me and he was showing off to his two friends.

What the heck is it with a certain kind of random guy who has just got to go up to women they don’t know and street harass them? What is it with telling women to smile or hitting on them in the street?

Then he got louder and madder. He said, don’t tell me that you don’t know Spanish! I shook my head no. He said, Do you speak Spanish, in Spanish. Now I know how to say I don’t speak Spanish, in Spanish, but I thought it would be best to just say No, so he doesn’t argue with me more, because if I know one sentence, then I must know the whole language, so I said No. He said in English, You don’t know how to speak Spanish!? I said no.

Then he said, well I was saying you are beautiful. Then I was laughing at him. He said, well at least I got a smile out of you.

But dude I wasn’t smiling, I was laughing at you. I was not laughing with you, I was laughing at you.

4 thoughts on “Apparently I Speak Spanish

    • Thank you Granny. 🙂 There are way too many of those kind of people in my immediate vicinity. Still, I keep trying to avoid them by attitude alone, unfortunately that is not working. Must be my sunny disposition that gets in the way of having “attitude.” But when I am with my bike I am at my most badassness. Lol. So he just was not picking up on what my awesome badass attitude I was sending. Lol.

      Good and healing thoughts to yous.



    • Hi,

      Thank you. I tend to walk away from this kind of stuff, so I wasn’t strictly speaking standing my ground. But avoiding the yelling jerk. 🙂 Still I take your point. 🙂 Thanks.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



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